Thursday, March 17, 2011

Vado a Dolomiti

We spent 10 days in the Dolomites, at Dobbiacco which is 20 km from Cortina.  There are many ski areas around Dobbiacco, but it is best known for Sci dei Fondo, cross country.  I had lessons - finally- for skate skiing at the great Nordic Arena in town.  It is an amazing facility focused on xc and climbing.  It also has a 20km xc  trail to Cortina through the woods.  After I landed square on my coccyx, I decided to return to 'classic' cx.  More fun after that....
But I am getting ahead of myself.  On the first day we awoke to this:

Cime Ganda

Piata Alta

From the Terrace of the Alpine Albergo.
We went out to see the area closer to the ground... and at the end of the day, returned to this:

Most everyone went downhill at one of several areas near by,
those with the smallest kids went to the
local Dobbiacco slopes as they are best for learning.

View of our Hotel from the slopes (in the trees on top of the hill above the red suit).
A little doppo pranza break.

A parental break...note the slopes, though they look flatter than they are
they are great for kids...and learners.

Lunch was a big time to get together, here is Leslie being sledded up to the lodge several days after breaking some part of her knee...that view from the hotel is only so good...

One day several of us went to take a snomobile ride to the 3 Cime, the most famous of the peaks.  it seems though that the 3 are only visible from the north, and we went up the south side...

A View from the top looking south...

Here I am looking like Shackleton with the sled and thick wool sweater...little did I know when we started that we actually would sled down the hill!   Full speed ahead and watch out for those switchbacks.

The trail at the middle of the descent...I did stop on purpose for the shot.

Another day we visited the Lago di Braies, a summer boating lake,
but in the winter its just a great playground...

Look carefully for the snow man- under the sun.

Everyone should have a di Chirico shot once in a while...

Time flies by in the mountains and  ... back at the Albergo...

If you click on the pictures they enlarge, and this one will show the Nordic Arena site,
a circle right in the pass above. The biggest thing in town.  That is where I spend 5 days on the tracks.
That pass goes to Cortina, and Venezia.

But we won't forget

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