Sunday, August 28, 2011

Irene Enters East Hampton

'emergency post' for Hurricane Irene

Last night (Aug 27) was filled with heavy rain and wind blasts.  Tree limbs blew down around town.  Water filled street drains. I didn't see much other damage, but I wasn't out for long.
I rode down Egypt to the Maidstone Club, the prime viewing spot for storms. As I got closer to the beach the wind force got appreciably stronger.  In the the end
I believe that the gusts were 60-75 mph, based on conditions I have been in before.

Note the water in the Parking lot and the flooded walkway.

Cabanas holding tight.

Down at the dune it was constant wind.  I had to hide behind the dune to just snap a pic.  Spray and spume flew over the dune with the occasional spray from the breaking surf.

You can see the driven water.  I got thoroughly wet.  Actually it is more comfortable offshore.

The sun, which I have been waiting for, is ooching out from its 9:00 spot behind the solid nebbia.

The air was riven with a combination of salt and fresh water in the wind, I barely had to pedal on my way back home with 50 mph of following breeze.

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