Friday, December 31, 2010

1.1.11* It's the New Year in Venezia!! Ragazzi Spettacolare!!!

Tonight the event in Venice was definitely in Piazza San Marco, with a DJ carrousel,  a live boom camera, 3 jumbotrons in the Napoleanic courtyard, and a giant Bellini booth giving away special 2011 bottles of that special Venetian delight...To everyone.  It was packed.
My daughter just arrived today and we with her friend circulated through the Piazza, checking the full repertoire of events.  Easy toget around, the crowd thickens towards mezzanotte.
Live video, with dad and kid in front.  They moved on...
In front of Florian's, with crowd ooching to get in.. Only those with aspirations for hot chocolate and Veuve Clicquot need apply.  We went back to cash in on the free Bellinis.
It was a battle to get to the bar here, but it was worth it, we got them just in time to scoot to the edge of the piazzetta for the fireworks display over the Bacino di San Marco.
Looking back to the Campanile with its falling snow flakes.

Then overhead we saw a large Malaysian flare, like one we sent up last summer in East Hampton (thanks JC).  We watched it disappear into the cold air above Venice, but it was a great sight to see in this event of lights.
Still working on those Bellini's

Now the real action, as the municipality gets is guns loaded:
It is truly a delight to see the whole basin lit this way, calm water, tourist boats, and Palladio...
for now....


  1. Incred photos. Great fireworks. Keep up the blogging. We feel we are there.

  2. M,It seems your wish is my command :-),
    Thanks, J