Thursday, February 24, 2011

Manhasset comes to Venezia

I rushed over to the Campo Santa Maria Formosa, a block away from my apartment on the Fondamenta Dose. It was close to 5 when the concert was to start.  The light across the Campo was soft and clear and there was the sound of a saxophone drifting through the air.  Exactly what kind of concert was this to be?  

The Manhassett High School from Long Island New York was singing in the chiesa, named for the beautiful virgin.   And there were no plans for a mounted on a pilaster next to the entry was this poster:

As I entered the church the choir was starting to set up as the audience was choosing their seats.

The choir director, Mark Van Schenkhof, was giving instructions to his charges as the church filled.

The great care and thought involved became apparent immediately as the choir started to sing.

S. Maria Formosa  is a Renaissance Greek Cross design and the center of is community.  The interior volume received the music from this young choir brightly and beautifully.

The choir worked through their program to continuous applause.

And then Mark left the climb into the rafters to play the church's organ.

The familiar sounds of Handel's Hallelujah 
Chorus resounded through the vast volume of the Formosa.

The Messiah was popular with the crowd.

Back to the remainder of the program, the choir performed at the highest level, always thrilling with their strong and controlled voice..

And finished to a standing ovation, which the photographer seems to have omitted.
The memories are strong, Manhassett made a great impression in this citta della mare.

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