Friday, February 4, 2011

Johnny Depp buys a Palazzo!

Earlier this week I read in La Nuova Venezia, a rumor and scandal sheet, that Johnny Depp has outbid a Saudi Prince for the privilege of owning a Palazzo on the Canal Grande.
It did not say which one, but it mentioned that it was in S. Croce, the sestiere that abuts the P. Roma.
On my way back from shopping at the P. Roma farmers market,  I decided to take a vaporetto and see if I could get a clue as to which palazzo it may be, after all, I at least know that it is one of maybe 2 dozen.  So I was snapping pictures of likely candidates for later comparison, when;

I see a 'for sale' sign.


Yes, when I got home, checking through the latest Nuova, I discover that indeed this is the Palazzo in question.  Well, it's only 10-12 million Euro.  But it has just been renovated!
Right next to the Ca' Pesaro.  As you can see,  That is a Palazzo. Or  Che e' un Palazzo!
The next day I went to the Ca' Pesaro, a city museum, to see their permanent exhibit on Japanese art.
 Just the excuse I needed to get a closer look at the Piccolo Palazzo Depp. It really can only be seen from the Grand Canale, but the canale Pesaro and a dock nearby give a little access.

From this little Ponte I shot toward the Canale, the Ca' Pesaro is on the left, curving along with its eponymous canal.  Note the presence of a clothes drying club nearby.  At least they wear black.

Looking in the other direction I can see il nome del ponte.

This is it: as up close and personal as I can get.  Maybe a porch?
Can see the workers there still fixing it up. 

...It does have a nice view across the Canale.

You have seen this important information here first.  ,)