Monday, February 7, 2011

Ghiottoneria I

  Tidbits and delicacies unrelated to each other.

Thomas Moran's gondola, which not only is pictured at the beginning of this blog, has been recently restored in Venice and is going to the National Gallery as an exhibit in their new show:
Venice: Canaletto and his Rivals.
The show is open Feb 20 to May 30.  The Moran gondola is on view now!


Of course it would happen.  I leave the country and I end up in an ad.  
That is me at the New York Tretorn store (in the pink jersey) gaping into the display window.  
Alas, no residuals.


Just what you wanted to see: the view out my classroom window.  The sun finally came out 2 days ago and changed the nature of life here. Life in Campo Santa Martguerita is flourishing, as can be seen by the presence of cafe tables set out on the campo and a sun to inhabit them.

Sun on that window.


A new building at San Marco??

Recently I went down to the Piazzetta and noticed a new building, super post modern, with the top of a campanelli refigured as a viewing room on a red rooftop terrace!!
 Venice is rushing into the 
Ventiduesimo: XXII Century

Which, actually, brings us to the 

Robert Moses comes to Venezia!

Yup, a subway from the mainland to the Fondemento Nuovo. 
Why can't New York get a train from the airports to Manhattan?
This is controversial, there is not too much reason for it (Venice needs more people?) and it will severely  damage the Lagoon, as well as destabilize the whole understructure of the city,
 which is built on 500 feet of mud.

A referendum is being planned...

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