Saturday, January 15, 2011

Capodanno a Peggy Guggenheim Collection

Alex and Ferry in Peggy's throne.

On New Year's Day the three of us went to the "Peggy" to 
have a free spritz and
 visitano her wonderful collection of early Abstract Expressionism.
We had a great time wondering through the crowded museum that day,
We saw and loved the Pollacks, the great Calder headboard which is really a giant sterling necklace,
As well as the rest of her collection, including that one which I just found this year, the

 Giacometti Woman Walking.

On the Fondementa Guggenheim there are several sculptures
including Calder's Barking Dog.

Overlooking a calm Grande Canal is a perfect spot
for this intrusion into the Venetian eyescape. In Venice actually dogs are not
allowed to bark, and if they become violators, they are given a muzzle.  This one is quiet enough by
 size to its surroundings.  

On to the bar, where Aperol is providing free spritz for all Guggenheim visitors today.

And with spritz in hand we visited the rest of the sculpture garden.  No, the camera did not get a drink, this is the Triangular Solid with Circular Inserts, by Dan Graham.  
An interesting piece at a cocktail party.  We later left
and walked through Dorsoduro on this sunny afternoon until we arrived at our friend's for dinner.

The view over their garden, ending a great First Day for this year.

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